Opiliones 1l

Step into the world of large sized 3D printing with the Opiliones 1L 3D printer. The 1L has a huge building volume and can make plastics objects having a size of up to ø 500 x 750 mm.
The 1L is ideal for schools, designers, model builders, product designers, artists and prototypers. The Opiliones 3D printers are developed and manufactured in the Netherlands.
The 1L is the entry level Opiliones 3D printer with an SD card reader for standalone 3D printing. The 1L is operated by our Opiliones 3D Repetier Host custom software, tailored for your Opiliones.

3.495,00 excl VAT

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Length 630 mm x width 730 mm x height 1500 mm
Build volume:
ø 500 mm x height 750 mm
Power consumption:
Max. 200W
Glass, ø 500 mm
With SD card or via USB with PC or Mac
Direct drive filament system: PLA 
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