About Opiliones

Opiliones B.V. was founded in 2014. Since then, Opiliones has been developing, manufacturing and selling large sized “Delta” FDM 3D-printers.

With it’s unique FDM 3D-Print platform, Opiliones has deployed important innovations in recent years to be able to 3D-Print other raw materials in addition to plastics efficiently and at low costs.

Through intensive R&D activities, Opiliones has now implemented several unique innovations based on the same platform, so that 3 other raw materials can be used for 3DPrinting, i.e.:

  • PA Composite
  • Concrete
  • Metal

We are driven by the constant pursuit of simplicity, which enables us to create “very low-cost” solutions for a problem. With that, 3D-printing is becoming more suitable for an increasingly wider field of applications. Simplicity is our core value.


Opiliones has all the competencies for a complete in house innovation process. Our team’s area of excpertise lies in Soft- and firmware, electronics, engineering and 3D-printing in general. This allows us to innovate quickly and succesfully.


Through proven competences in many innovation projects, Opiliones is increasingly redifining itself as an R&D company and participates in innovation-projects, in which the development of 3D-printing technology as a production method is the main focus. Or in which 3D-printing as a ‘Key Technology’ is used for prototyping or series production


Together with other project partners, the following aspects are researched and specified:

  1. Specific engineering for Additive Manufacturing (AM)
  2. 3D-Printability of different materials
  3. Optimization of 3D-printable designs and geometries
  4. Post processing
  5. System integration
  6. Cobotizing AM Production
  7. Valorisation


In the context of the above mentioned innovative activities, Opiliones has successfully contributed to various innovation projects:


  • Stepping Stones: 3D-Concrete prints of parametrically designed form-free construction parts with a maximum weight of 25kg
  • HighTemp 3D: PEEK 3D-printing with directly aimed infrared radiation to the print for layer adhesion
  • BigComposite: 3D-printing of large machine parts with polyamide carbonfiber as raw material for a higher mechanical and thermal load
  • MakeItMetal: a completely new 3D metal printing service that makes it possible to print great quality metal parts at low costs using smart 3D-printing techniques
  • CrownComfort: 3D-Printing of crowns as part of a fully integrated chairside dental crown production method

These projects all aim to valorise 3D printing techniques as mature techniques which can be integrated in existing production processes.